Telephone Tips and Techniques Every Employee Should Know

Keynote – Breakout Session

Sleep well at night knowing all of your employees answer the phone in a way that proves to the callers that your employees love working for your company!

Turn what could be a boring task into an exciting, rewarding part of each employee’s day!

Telephone skills training involve setting standards for Attitudes, Behaviors, and Communication skills — the ABC’s of telephone success.

The way your employees answer and handle telephone calls makes a powerful statement about your company. Your organization’s image, as communicated by your employees’ telephone skills, require specific management commitments to communication, training, support, encouragement, and measurement.

Does your company telephone procedure manual cover the items listed below? Do you have a telephone procedure manual?

For: Employees whose telephone skills reflect your organization’s image

You will learn:

  • The proper physical environment
  • The proper mental environment
  • The proper customer environment
  • The deadly sins in telephone communication
  • Why the caller calls
  • Ways to make the customer feel special
  • Rules to follow when putting people on hold
  • Rules for taking accurate messages
  • Reasons for asking questions
  • Types of questions
  • Rules for transferring calls
  • Phases to avoid when transferring calls
  • Phrases to use when transferring calls
  • Rules for ending calls
  • Phrases to avoid when ending calls
  • Phrases to use when ending calls
  • Rules for screening calls
  • Benefits of screening calls
  • When to screen calls
  • When NOT to screen calls
  • Rules for screening calls
  • Ways to project a professional image

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