This website communicates three important ideas.

1. The words "Communicate" and "Connect" do not mean the same thing.
2. This site contains videos, audios and articles that offer at least 45 ideas that can start you on your way to               Connecting with others.
3.  The Client Comments should confirm Al's ability, approach, and content to warrant a close look at him for             his coaching programs.

However, until you wander through this site, you will not be able to Connect to the content or with Al and his value to your knowledge and wisdom base.

Get ready to begin enjoying and gaining from this site. We will be adding content daily.
Please be patient with us and check back from time to time to capture new content. Thank you.

“Al kicked off our meeting with a high level of energy. He was interesting, engaging and entertaining.

Al covered a lot of valuable material that attendees said they would use to get them back on track toward clean and concise communication.”
Kristi C, Program Chair

"Al Borowski is one of our best instructors. Over the past three years, Al has received some of our highest ratings from our Executive Development students. We enjoy his interactive delivery style.

He is upbeat, uses humor and truly engages his audience. Each year, our students continually point out the great value of Al's Strategies for Creating Dynamic Presentations."
Julie K, Executive Director

"Al Borowski is one of my favorite speakers. He's down-to- earth, easy to listen to, and he lets you have fun when he speaks. 

Most importantly, he presents his message in a way that brings the audience immediate value
and practical take home application."
Joann G, President

"People are still talking about Al's presentation and how they are using the ideas he shared with us.

Al's a real pro who blends a lot of information, humor, and energy into his presentations and proves that he cares about his audience."
Diane S, Training Manager

"When you can get excellent ratings from experienced employees on a customer service training program, you know that you have selected the right trainer. Al Borowski is that trainer - enjoyable, enthusiastic and captivating. ..., 'Al kept me interested and involved,' 'the time flew,' 'great information' and 'his training will make my job easier.' We will definitely have him back!" 
Dianna L, Director- HR

Become a Better Listener.
Become a Better Person.

Your Communication Skills
Determine your Business Success.

Better Business Writing
Better Business Results

Al’s interactive Listening Skills programs discus:

3 Major Roadblocks to Listening
3 Laws of Listening
5 Rules for Effective Listening

4 Listening strategies based on the speaker, the situation, and Listening goals

To be a Good Communicator, 
you must first understand what
Communication really means.

Do you know the HEART of Communication?

Business Writing Secrets 
you didn’t learn in school

Why your writing is more important than you think

Major drawbacks to clear, concise writing

10 Simple, Secret Tricks that Enrich Your Writing