Beth Black
Executive Director
Grove City Area
Chamber of Commerce

“Al Borowski recently spoke at our Chamber’s Annual Dinner.

He did an exceptional job of entertaining the crowd and informing them about “The Most Important Power Tool in Your Manager’s Tool Box”.

His use of personal stories and humor made it interesting for everyone.

Booking Al Borowski for your event is a wise decision.”

"Thank you for your valuable and entertaining presentation to the Pittsburgh Society of Association Executives.

Our group learned some practical lessons and tips about e-mail that are easy to immediately put into practice.

Craig Davis CEO
Mary Grasha Houpt Director of HR

"Al is a dynamic speaker, a consummate professional whose folksy, down-to-earth stories are a hit with his audiences. After presenting a lively seminar on e-mail communication, Al conferred Visit Pittsburgh employees with the vaulted “Professors of Positivity” degree. Al’s books should be required reading. Al gives sensible, common-sense tips on how to write and communicate effectively."

"Al is an enthusiastic professional whose publications and presentations mirror his personality."Beyond E-mail Netiquette" and "How to Get It Right When You Write" should be a part of every office library. They are easy-to-read gold mines of information that get right to the point.

Whether one-on-one or group sessions, Al’s dynamic coaching style energizes the learning event.”

Paula Banachosky Human Resources ABARTA, Inc.

“Al kicked off our meeting with a high level of energy. He was interesting, engaging and entertaining.

Al covered a lot of valuable material that attendees said they would use to get them back on track toward clean and concise communication.”
Kristi C, Program Chair, 2015 ICAE Exchange

"Al Borowski is one of our best instructors. Over the past three years, Al has received some of our highest ratings from our Executive Development students. We enjoy his interactive delivery style.

He is upbeat, uses humor and truly engages his audience. Each year, our students continually point out the great value of Al's Strategies for Creating Dynamic Presentations."
Julie K, Executive Director

"Al Borowski is one of my favorite speakers. He's down-to- earth, easy to listen to, and he lets you have fun when he speaks.

Most importantly, he presents his message in a way that brings the audience immediate value
and practical take home application."
Joann G, President

"People are still talking about Al's presentation and how they are using the ideas he shared with us.

Al's a real pro who blends a lot of information, humor, and energy into his presentations and proves that he cares about his audience."
Diane S, Training Manager

"When you can get excellent ratings from experienced employees on a customer service training program, you know that you have selected the right trainer. Al Borowski is that trainer - enjoyable, enthusiastic and captivating. ..., 'Al kept me interested and involved,' 'the time flew,' 'great information' and 'his training will make my job easier.' We will definitely have him back!"
Dianna L, Director- HR

Become a Better Listener.
Become a Better Person.

Your Communication Skills
Determine your Business Success.

Better Business Writing
Better Business Results

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3 Major Roadblocks to Listening
3 Laws of Listening
5 Rules for Effective Listening

4 Listening strategies based on the speaker, the situation, and Listening goals

To be a Good Communicator, 
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Do you know the HEART of Communication?

Business Writing Secrets 
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Why your writing is more important than you think

Major drawbacks to clear, concise writing

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