Strategic Listening…Going Beyond Active Listening

Increase your company worth and, therefore, your income.

The one who listens most, wins!

If you are not listening correctly and effectively, you are cheating yourself. Proper Business Listening allows you to gain control, power and influence.

The one who listens most controls a conversation. The more you listen, the more you learn. Knowledge is power. Listening is more than a skill. It is a behavior and an attitude. How well you listen, more than how eloquently you speak, influences how people perceive you.

This program discusses specific techniques that go beyond “Active Listening” to a higher level of “Strategic Listening.”

For: Employees who need to establish the rapport and influence others.

You will learn to:

  • Approach listening with a specific five step strategy that ensures you create a Win-Win situation
  • Save time during information gathering and problem solving
  • Help others express their ideas in ways that allow you to control or influence the outcome
  • Identify communicating styles, personality traits and learning preferences that help you “tune in” your listening skills
  • Get to the root of a problem without hassle, embarrassment, or frustration for you or the speaker
  • Avoid the barriers to effective listening that prevent you from getting a true or complete picture
  • Build the rapport necessary to build strong relationships
  • Understand the hidden reasons for poor listening and how to listen effectively every time
  • Prevent misunderstandings that waste time, money and effort
  • Build trust
  • Disagree Agreeably

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