Communication Skills Training: Listening Skills

Keynote – Breakout Session

Less than 10% of all business professionals tell me they enjoy the benefits of this career- building secret.

Are you a victim of a myth that robs you of this career enhancement strategy?

Let’s get this straight right now.

Practice DOES NOT Make Perfect; Coached Practice Makes Perfect.

Let me give you an example.

In your business and personal life, you constantly face situations where one of three situations faces you.

1. You engage in a friendly conversation.

2. You are trying to communicate with someone who is angry and your job is to calm that person down.

3. You are dealing with someone who does not listen because that person’s mind is set and you want or need to have present another idea or position.

These three situations require three different strategies.

You do not handle an angry person the way you work with someone who is trying to ask a question.

Discover the power of “The Other Three Rs” – the “Rs” you did not learn in school.

This highly interactive, 60 or 90-minute learning experience reveals

1. The Three Laws of Listening

2. Three easy-to learn, easy-to use models based on the three real-life situations you encounter

3. Practical Practice sessions based on the models in a small group

4. Feedback from the SME and others in the group

5. The relevance, validity, and practicality of each model with the group

If you are truly interested in improving your rapport building strategies or those of your employees, please contact:

Al Borowski, MEd, CSP, PP.