20 Tested Techniques For Terrific Talks

Keynote – Breakout Session
Presentation Skills Training for Executives, Managers and Sales People

20 TEsted
You have a great message to share or important material to cover. How do you deliver it with the impact that will get you results?

Forget the overhead projector. Don’t waste time creating computer-generated slides.

Skip the worry of whether the LCD projector will work.

This program shows you how to get more impact from your presentation using live props – you and your audience.

Let life replace boring data or mind numbing bullet points and transitions.

Your knowledge and wisdom, along with the experiences your audience brings to the presentation, provide a gold mine full of presentation nuggets.

Tap the natural resources that provide a wealth of powerful, memorable energy and excitement for your topic.

Send your audience off with a message that gets them thinking, acting or performing the way you intended.

As a bonus of this program, you receive a Speaker’s Checklist to reference each time you plan a presentation.

Certified Speaking Professional, Al Borowski

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