Al Borowski Makes Communication Skills Easy

Let Communication Skills Expert, Al Borowski, bring Fun, Wisdom, and Value to Your Next Convention, Conference, or Meeting.

Have you ever noticed that those people who communicate well are paid more and are promoted faster?

Have you ever noticed that those companies that who communicate their messages clearly and concisely have higher brand recognition?

Do you regard your Communication Skills or the Communication Skills of your employees as a measurable and valuable corporate asset?

One of the topics, titles  or descriptions below just might fit your corporate need for a Keynote, Breakout, or Training Session.

Communication Skills

Would you like to own a tool that helps you control or influence outcomes when dealing with your clients, vendors, members, speakers, and contractors?

Would you like to own a tool that helps you discover information that helps you “get on the same wave length” with others?

Listening Skills

Less than 10% of all business professionals tell me they enjoy the benefits of this career- building secret.

Are you a victim of a myth that robs you of this career enhancement strategy?

Presentation Skills

If you shoot from the hip when you present in front of an audience, you never know where or when you will get wounded.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.

Business Writing

Watch this short Business Writing for the C Level video that reveals the training secret.

Customer Service

If you want to retain and gain attendees, members, and clients, you need to exceed their expectations.

Clients now expect more than customer service or customer satisfaction.

They want more.

They want Customer Care.

Discover the difference and become a Difference Maker

Effective E-mail

Because business e-mail accounts for more business communication each day, creating business e-mails means more than paying attention to e-mail etiquette.

Are you aware that the e-mails you send on your company’s computers could be interfering with your next raise or promotion?

Are you aware that one e-mail you send could cost you your job or your career?


I Found Gold in a Coal Mine.

“Turning on that miner’s lantern on my helmet, in that cold,
dark, dangerous mine, was like opening my eyes to a whole new world, filled the fear and wonderment and relevance.”


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