Communication Skills Breakout – Workshop

Your Communication Skills are a valuable corporate asset.
Communication Skills serve as a valuable corporate asset
So much so that effective Communication Skills are a key factor in promotions, pay raises, and even popularity.

Your interpersonal communication skills involve dealing with employees,  co-workers, bosses, clients, vendors, your kids, parents, friends, neighbors, and maybe even your worst enemy.

All these folks have different skills, attitudes, behaviors, educational levels, personalities, and learning styles. And all this involves using various means of communicating, such as listening, speaking, and writing to ensure real understanding takes place.

Communication Skills, sadly, for some, represents the power within that most people live without.

Harness and use that power to improve your image, reputation, and income
The next decade belongs to those who excel in technical skills and business communication skills.

Technical and job-related skills alone will not ensure success. Employees who can transfer their skills and knowledge in speech or writing will gain the competitive edge. The ability to listen to what is said and not said and what is meant and not meant is a critical business skill.

Boost the power of your teamwork and change management efforts with this highly interactive, fast-paced, learning event. Participants “have a ball” while learning how to share what they know and do.

You will learn to:

  • Develop a reputation as a good communicator

  • Establish Rapport

  • Expand your definition of Diversity

  • Build better teams

  • Identify and use the Components of Effective Communication

  • Save time during information gathering and problem solving

  • Help others express their ideas in ways that allow you to control or influence the outcome

  • Identify communicating styles, personality traits and learning preferences that help you “tune in” to others

  • Establish the Trust so essential to building strong relationships

  • Use the six kinds of questions at the right times for the right reasons

  • Listen to questions, answers, concerns and comments for the real message

  • Recognize and avoid the common barriers to effective communication

  • Prevent misunderstandings that waste time, money and effort

Remember, your Communication Skills are a valuable corporate asset. Don’t take chances with your company or your career.

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