Customer Care Keynote and Breakout

B-M-W Customer Care – A Win-Win-Win Model

This Customer Care Model has nothing to do with a car company. It relates to how your company treats customers.

If you want to retain and gain attendees, members, and clients, you need to exceed their expectations.

Clients now expect more than customer service or customer satisfaction.

They want more.

They want Customer Care.

When your focus is only on customer service, your clients might tell others, “Yes, I’ve done business with them.”

When your focus is only on customer satisfaction, they might say, “I’ve never had any problems with them.”

With the Win-Win-Win Model, your clients will say, “I love working with them.”

From this highly interactive program, you will take away a three-step strategy to help you turn attendees, members, and clients into your best form of advertising.

You will also learn the Titanium Rule of Customer Care.

Catch the audio recording of the opening of this presentation.

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