Payback is Hell.

The signature file below includes my name and credentials - Al Borowski, MEd, CSP, PP.


I have carried that designation for the last 35 years on every piece of printed material I have ever created.

Allow me to show you why that designation is important.

The Biden/Harris ticket and the Democratic party are doomed if Biden is truly elected.

Here's why.

Americans are resilient,

Americans are winners.

Americans are patriots.

What is going to happen in four years will make the American Revolution look like a poorly choreographed wrestling match between two wannabe wrestlers.

Trump will overwhelmingly win the 2024 election.

Overwhelmingly may be an anemic word in this context.

All of those brainwashed lemmings who voted for Biden will quickly come to realize how Biden has deluded and divided them while destroying this country.

Trump will win over 90% of all Democrats voters.

The 10% represent the illegal immigrants who become lost in this landslide and know no other way.

Oops. Let me rethink that for a moment.

No, we don't have to worry about them. They will all be racing back to their country of origin because all of their jobs will now be taken by those under-parented, under educated, marxist trained college graduates.

And those radical, lazy college, over paid college and university "professors" and those institutions of liar learning who accepted billions of dollars from foreign adversaries and never reported it will slowly disappear into the night. Bye bye, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon,Stanford. No more federal subsidies for you. Your treasury is bloated enough with Chinese and Saudi money.

But back to the more positive news.

Then look who is waiting in the dugout.

Pence, Don Jr., Cruz, DeSantis, Jordan, Gaetz, McCarthy, Nunes, Biggs, Brady, Collins, Crenshaw, Reschenthaler, Scalise. Hell, I'd even throw in Burgess Owens and Sydney Powell.

But even before that, 2022 will see Republicans command both the House and the Senate and whatever Democrats remaining as mayors and governors up for election might as well concede on election day of 2022.

We did it in 1776 but 2024 will be amazing.


Al Borowski, MEd, CSP, PP
Pittsburgh PA 15216