The Most Important Power Tool Keynote

The Most Important Power Tool
in Your Leadership Tool Box

Certified Speaking Professional, Al Borowski's Communication Skills Power tool presentation

Okay, so the bulldozer is a little over the top as an example of a power tool.

But, would you like to own a tool that helps you control or influence outcomes when dealing with your clients, vendors, members, speakers, and contractors?

Would you like to own a tool that helps you discover information that helps you “get on the same wave length” with others?

This program reveals how to get to the root of a problem without hassle, embarrassment, or frustration for you or others. Doing so helps prevent misunderstandings that waste time, money, and effort.

Discover how to save time during information gathering and problem solving. You will become aware of signals that will help you understand the whole message, not just what the words seem to indicate.

And you will learn specific strategies that ensure you create Win-Win situations and build trust.

And, when you have mastered this Power Tool, you will have learned the most effective method of handling angry people.
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