Communication Skills Keynote: Shooting From the Hip

Shooting From the Hip
Sometimes Causes Self-inflicted Wounds
Communication Skills Keynote: Shooting From the Hip Sometimes Causes Self-inflicted Wounds

You never know where or when you will get wounded.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.

I’ve given plenty of presentations. I prepare and practice. I know how to use PowerPoint and my laser pointer.

Think about all the conventions, conferences, and meetings you sat through where event leaders, respected guests, and even invited speakers were underwhelming, even when they could confidently profess the facts in the previous paragraph.

This program reveals five key strategies for making your presentation memorable. (For the right reasons)

You will be exposed to Presentation Killers you definitely want to avoid.

And, you will go through 20 Rapid Fire Tips for keeping you and your audience members connected.
Don’t gamble with your reputation or your confidence. Discover the secrets professional speakers use to make your events interesting, valuable, and fun.

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