Effective E-mail Breakout Session

E-mail – It’s Here To Stay So Learn To Do It The Right Way

Because business e-mail accounts for more business communication each day, writing business e-mails means more than paying attention to e-mail etiquette.

Are you aware that the e-mails you send on your company’s computers could be interfering with your next raise or promotion?

Are you aware that one e-mail you send could cost you your job or your career?

Do you know what e-mail discrimination is and how you might be affected by it?

Any time you send an e-mail on your company’s computers, your image, your results, and your security are at risk.

E-mail etiquette or e-mail netiquette is the minimum you need to focus on.

This program reveals the correct way to use writing techniques, structure, and graphics to create electronic messages that save you time, get you better results, and make you look brilliant.

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