Coal Mine Keynote

I Found fold in a Coal Mine

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Walk next to Al Borowski as he descends two and a half miles under the Susquehanna River, five days a week, for his nine-hour shift in an anthracite slope mine, once flooded by the swollen waters of a hurricane.

Barely old enough to vote, he was called on to venture into the depths of a coal nine feet wide and six feet high.

Hear his fascinating story as he weaves humor, drama, and wisdom into his lessons of hard work versus working hard.

Join Al in a world that very few of us will ever experience.

coal mine #2A world where twenty-five tons of coal could suddenly let go and crush you like a crumb.

coal mine #3A world where a flash fire or an explosion of methane gas could bring instantaneous death.

coal mine #1A world where a cave-in could trap you in total darkness without food, water, or oxygen.


Stand next to Al, shoulder to shoulder, on his journey of discovery, growth, and emergence.

Al will share his underground experiences that revealed the true meaning of words like Discipline, Respect, Uncommon Courage, Unquestioned Values, and Unwavering Vision.

Few have ever raised their voices to relate the life and times of coal miners to the importance of Precision, Pride, and Professionalism.

Still fewer have experienced the Loyalty, Love, Dedication, Teamwork and Leadership from the depths of an underground mine.

Yes, Al Borowski “Grew up” in a Coal Mine.

Now participants of your next convention, conference, or meeting can discover Leadership Lessons that came not from a book but from life.Call Certified Speaking Professional, Al Borowski for Communication Skills keynotes

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