Business Writing Breakout/Workshop

How To Get It Right When You Write

Business Writing Breakout and workshopBetter Business Writing should get results without hassle.

Eliminate the fear, dread, wasted time, frustration, and disappointing results that many people experience with their Business Writing.

Your business writing skills will quickly and easily improve with this fast-paced, easy to follow, easy-to-use workshop that will show you ways to save time, get better results, and actually have fun with your writing tasks – guaranteed.

Your managers, your salespeople, your customer care consultants need this program. Your company’s image and profits are at stake.

You will learn to:

  • Save time
  • Smash writer’s block
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Stick to the subject
  • Focus on your reader
  • Avoid the gender syndrome
  • Proofread for content and message
  • Understand common writing errors
  • Avoid those errors
  • Eliminate the fear and dread of writing
  • Use your computer more effectively
  • Structure your writing to the message
    Good News  –   Bad News  –   Persuasive Writing
  • Respond to angry letters when:
    The writer is correct
    The writer is mistaken
    You need time to get a correct answer
  • Build confidence in your writing skills
  • Turn a two page memo or letter into one powerful page that gets results
  • Measure the success of your writing
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