Avoid Boiler Plate Pollution

Too many sales people, marketing people, and proposal writers focus on what their company or their products or their services can do. They don’t focus on specifically what they can do for the specific client.

You can spot these instances of misplaced focus quickly and easily.

I call this  “Boiler Plate Pollution.”

If the words, pictures, illustrations, descriptions, and you use in your proposal repeat the words, pictures, illustrations, descriptions,  and graphics you find on your brochures or website, you are guilty of  “Boiler Plate Pollution.”

Most brochures and websites spell out the features and benefits of your products and services.

Successful Proposal Writing requires you to spell out exactly how those features and benefits solves your client’s problems or meets their specific needs.

So the first tip really is:

Read your proposal, then read your brochures and your website. If you sound like you're repeating yourself, you need to edit or rewrite your proposal.