Training Managers to Train

Keynote – Breakout Session

Become more valuable to your company

Make your employees more productive faster

Gain the respect and admiration of employees you train. Learn adult education concepts that help you train employees to understand their jobs, increase productivity and improve your corporate image.

This program helps people who are not full time trainers or instructors understand how to plan, prepare and deliver presentations that get results. Participants will learn how to mix lecture with participant activity with structured learning activities. The program also talks about creating leader guides that aid in the design and delivery of effective training programs.

Turn employee learning time into an exciting, rewarding event that promotes teamwork, skill enhancement and change management. Learn how to position job and skill training as a positive employee benefit.

For: Supervisors, Managers or Staff whose job responsibilities include training employees

You will learn to:

  • Identify differing learning and communicating styles
  • Begin a training session with impact and results
  • Explain the Life-long Learning Ladder and its impact on learning
  • Motivate learners
  • Motivate yourself
  • Approach training based on desired outcomes
  • Collect data and design focused programs
  • Create training objectives that measure the program’s results
  • Build the rapport and trust so essential to learning
  • Use questions at the right time for the right reasons
  • Listen to the participant’s questions, answers, concerns and comments for the real message
  • Create the proper environmental conditions for learning
  • Use audio/visual equipment properly and effectively
  • Create effective training materials and handouts
  • Produce an Opening, Body and Close that will make your program memorable

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