Please forgive my blunt and vicious comments about your website.

I was so disappointed because your site:

1.       Did not grab my attention to give me a reason to review all of it.

2.       Did not answer the four most important questions all websites need to answer

A.      What do you want visitors to know?

B.      How do you want them to feel?

C.      What do you want the visitors to do?

D.      Why should they do it?

3.       The two umbrella graphics consumed way too much valuable website real estate.

4.       The graphics could be mistaken as a Travelers Insurance site.

5.       Your photo consumed way too much valuable website real estate. It’s beautiful but overpowers rather than comforts.

6.       The Reviews component occupies too much space for something you don’t offer.

7.       Your Subscribe component will yield few subscribers because people really are not interested in “insurance news.” Rather than asking them to do something, give them something of value. Get them familiar with your generous personality. Create an “Ask Darlene” column where you discuss common questions you are asked. I’m sure you get a lot of questions from your clients and potential clients that seem obvious to you but become roadblocks to sales if they are not answered before hand.

8.       The map to your address consumes way too much real estate.

9.       Do you really want to give visitors your home address? How many people ever heard of Lawrence or even know it exists?

These were my initial impressions without actually analyzing each component.

To give you an idea of what I expected, please visit