Hi Judy,

As promised, I have sent along:
1.   The Worksheet for the Passive Voice Activity
2    The Passive Voice Video
3.   The Passive Voice Activity video.

The Worksheet for the Passive Voice Activity is one of seven that accompanies my 20 video e-course. It allows participants who attended my live or Zoom two-hour presentation to follow up on their own at their pace.

They can select only the work sheets or the work sheets and the follow up videos that gives them an idea how they could have edited the Sample Sentences.

Or, clients can order the whole package even if they do not have me do the live or Zoom presentation.

I think you will get a kick out of the Passive Voice video.


The Amazing Power Editing System
Al Borowski

Use this Worksheet to edit out Passive Voice in each sentence.

After editing them, watch the Passive Voice Practice Activity video to compare your edits to Al's suggestions.

1.       The flowers were delivered by a mysterious lady.

2.       The books were soiled by the rain.

3.      The problem had been solved by Harriet.

4.      A better benefits package was requested by the workers.

5.       The results would be seen by the stockholders.

6.       This meeting has been called by the Executive Committee.

7.       A complaint was lodged by the customer.

8.       The Polio Vaccine was discovered by Jonas Salk.

9.       The monthly reports should have been distributed sooner.       

10.     This exercise was completed by yours truly.

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